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Providing unbundled legal services on government procurement, customs, anti-dumping, and anti-subsidies.

Trade law is a complex, broad, yet niche area of law. Multiple areas are covered by trade law including trade in goods, trade in services, and intellectual property.

Get in touch to learn about legal services provided on trade in goods (i.e., government procurement, customs, anti-dumping, and subsidies), including:

  • drafting and review of solicitation documents (e.g., Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Standing Offer (RFSO))

  • advising on federal government procurement obligations

  • administration of solicitation on tendering site (e.g., buyandsell, merx, biddingo)

  • Canadian Customs Tariff classification advice

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Let's Work Together

Be it helping you to navigate a trade issue or contest a marine, rail, or aviation-related enforcement measure, the support you need is here.

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